NYC Hypnodomme and Transformation Specialist

Welcome to My realm. I am Domina Lyra Lethe. I am a hypnotic dominatrix and Dionysian priestess living between New York City and the Underworld. I have always been drawn to BDSM for its ritualistic aspects and the metamorphoses it allows, both temporary and permanent. My practice of domination is at once classical and creative, weaving together elements of ancient mysticism with avant-garde theatricality to dive deep into the psyches of My suppliants and transport them to states of beautiful torment, transformation, divine madness and ecstasy. As a professional and lifestyle dominatrix, I enjoy a variety of dynamics and My skills and interests are ever expanding. Yet My primary interest is in cultivating long-term D/s relationships with courageous, imaginative, open-minded subs who desire to be challenged and transformed on a deep level.

As a creative dominatrix and fetish artist, I am primarily interested in metamorphosis. My suppliants present themselves to Me as raw material which I may sculpt as I please, if I please. I am particular about My materials and My desires. Every dynamic is different, and I enjoy temporary transformations with interesting fetishists as well as initiating My devotees toward a more enduring kind of transfiguration, but in all scenarios I am the artistic director.

Mistress of the Labyrinth

Rituals of Torment, Transformation, Divine Madness and Ecstasy...
Mythic Punishments
Religious Worship